The recruitment trends are evolving every year together with the HR landscape. We have asked our consultants in United Arab Emirates and here are three of the biggest UAE recruitment trends in 2018:

1. Candidate Experience

We are in the era of ratings and online reviews are the protagonist. We cannot visit a new restaurant without checking its rating in Zomato or Tripadvisor. The same applies to the interviews, a positive candidate experience will contribute to the employer brand.

If a candidate has a bad experience during the interview (main causes: unclear application instructions and long application process), they will not recommend the company and may write negative online reviews.

Regular communication and timely notifications with the candidate should build a positive brand image whether the candidate was successful or not.

2. Remote Working

The IWG workspace survey has found that “around 60% of UAE employees work at least one day a week somewhere other than the office, while 52% of those work remotely for half of the week or more”. This UAE finding is aligned with global trends with 70% of employees reporting they work at least one day a week remotely.

New technologies, millennials and the huge shift in the workspace landscape is rewarding flexible working. In fact, 84% of the people interviewed said that flexible working helps companies to retain top talent, and 65% of companies surveyed now offer this option to help them recruit. Flexible workspaces enable employees to be more productive and improves job satisfaction.

There is no doubt that a flexible working experience would beneficiate any company from start-ups to large corporates.

3. Workplace wellness

Far from the primarily focus on smoking cessation or weight loss goals, wellness programs have evolved to more than one physical aspect of health and increase employee engagement.

The focus of the current Wellness Programs is to join wellness goals & career development to create a more positive work environment and successful employees. The result? A healthy workforce and company reputation.

The most popular programs are about mental health, good night’s sleep and virtual healthcare providers. Employees like simple and easy wellness tasks and objectives that they can easily achieve.

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