Top in-demand banking skills right now

Top in-demand banking skills right now

What banking skill set is most in demand in banking? Our Banking & Financial Services specialised team has gathered the top 8 in-demand banking skills:

- Relationship Building

It is important that employees have high energy and a positive attitude in acquiring and keeping clients. Moreover, it is crucial to understand the relationship between the marketplace demands and company behavior.

All the candidates that have the ability to commit commercial requirements, as well as the client’s interest in the industry, aim to succeed.

- Credit and risk analysis

Our banking department has noticed an increased interest in senior level candidates that can bring new ideas and implementations based on their previous experience. In special, credit and risk professionals are in high demand and short supply, particularly with a financial institution focus.

- Communication skills

Oral & strong written skills are a must in Banking, but it is more important to be able to explain financial technicisms in simple term. The ability to make things simpler in terms of communication is key to success in this industry. A lot of companies seek employees who can make complex industry language legible to anyone.

- Local experience

In the case of Corporate Banking, it is required to understand the local market and its intricacies. Most of the companies are reluctant to hire outsiders, even candidates from other GCC countries.

- Analytical skills

Financial analysis skills are key in the new banking scenario. Employers are looking for candidates who can analyse different scenarios with lateral thinking and drawing possible conclusions. It is not just about titles and degrees, companies seek real-world examples and KPI results driven.

- Problem-solving

Problems are part of a business, they appear at work every day. A fundamental skill in Banking is finding ways to solve them. In this sense, being a confident problem solver is key to success.

It can be from addressing the financial implications of a transaction or coming up with a tailor-made solution for a complicated business structured partner, a record and a global vision of the problems and solutions will help you to progress in your finance career.

- Innovation

Banking was associated with a static and routine industry but is not anymore. AI and the challenging market have opened alternatives and a candidate with a high capacity of innovation will stand out.

- Multi-lingual

Multiple languages are in-demand. From the English required to one or two extra languages will be a plus in any candidate or employee.

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