Meet Patricia Maroto, our marketing manager!

When Patricia joined Mark Williams a little over a year ago, she brought with her a fresh energy that transformed the way we perceive the power of digital media and led us to win our first national recruitment award.

Patricia is a champion for personal development; when she isn’t launching innovative campaigns to help people reach their career goals, she supports the team in creating our personal brands (as an avid fan of Simon Sinek, Patricia encourages us all to consider why we do what we do). Read on to learn more about the inspirational force behind our brand campaigns.

What area are you specialized in?

I am specialised and passionate about marketing, products/services & brands.

Why marketing/what is the most fulfilling part of your job?

Marketing because it suits my personality: everyday is a different day and I love that! One day you are improving a process and the next day you are brainstorming for the next campaign. It is so exciting!

The most fulfilling part is when things get done properly. I enjoy getting the team involved and feel the same emotion when something new is coming in! I really enjoyed relaunching the brand under a new slogan and image: The Art of Recruiting. It is difficult to innovate in an industry such as recruitment, however, we tried to make the boring parts exciting. The ‘art’ concept really describes our methodology, our culture and our company.

Tell us about your background

I describe myself as a marketer with experience in project management and commercial strategy. Driven by my passion, I have taken care of amazing projects in the Government Sector, such us representing my country in the main FMGC trade fairs in Italy, and in the Private Sector, such as expanding a brand in GCC or creating a full business line from scratch.

I am a constant learner thirsty for knowledge so I keep myself updated on the latest trends in Marketing, products (especially technology, I just love it!) and business. My main studies are Business oriented: a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an MBA in International Trade.

Finally, I need to mention my #womenempowerment project! Since the age of 10, I have been actively involved in women empowerment activities. At the moment I conduct #IamRemarkable workshops where we speak openly about women accomplishments in the workplace and beyond, thereby breaking modesty norms and glass ceilings.

What inspires you?

I cannot answer with one person or name! My inspiration is a cocktail: 40% my mother, 40% my daughter and 20% women all around the world. I would say that my mother inspires me with her vision and artistic way of seeing life and things, my daughter inspires me with her positive and vibrant character (she is a little explorer and I am discovering the world from her eyes!) and the women all around the world inspire me with their challenges, their successes, and their stories (it is unbelievable what a woman is capable of!).

What is you favourite thing to do/place to go in Dubai?

It took me a while to discover a favourite thing or place to go in Dubai but I might surprise you with this one: a picnic in Burj Park and an ice-cream from Grom. Burj Park is a green spot in the middle of Downtown where we love to chill out and Grom… Grom reminds me Milan, Italy.

What does the art of recruiting mean to you?

The Art of Recruiting is our philosophy. I believe that recruitment is an art, a white canvas where we need to create a memorable masterpiece. Our team follows a thorough process and we make sure that the result will be noticeable and exceed expectations, like Picasso’s Guernica. If you want to have a successful hiring journey, you need to experience our art of recruiting!

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