MEET OUR TEAM: Jessica Chambers

MEET OUR TEAM: Jessica Chambers

Jessica Chambers
Director – Human Resources Practice
t: +971 (0)58 895 5765

In what areas are you specialised?

All things human capital, from a strategic mature approach to business challenges to, L&D, performance, recruitment, compensation & benefits and talent management.

Why recruitment?

Honestly, I don’t know, I never intended to end up here

Tell us about your background:

I have over 14 years experience in HR specifically in L&D & Talent Management.

What inspires you?

Hmmm, powerful women all over the world taking a stand in this society for what they believe in

Someone that you admire

Michelle Obama, because she is so relevant and is fighting for girls all over the world to have the opportunity to go to school and have access to basic education

Favourite colour

Green, just not lime green

Your personal motto

Words may inspire but only action create change

Social Media:

Connect with her in Linkedin - Jessica Chambers

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