76% of companies want to increase their Emirati headcount this year

76% of companies want to increase their Emirati headcount this year

Report shows 76% of companies want to increase their Emirati headcount this year

According to the 2020 Emiratisation Market Report released by recruitment agency, Mark Williams

February 18th, 2020, Dubai, UAE - Dubai-based recruitment agency, Mark Williams, has this week launched their 2020 Emiratisation Market Report, looking at the changing state of the job market in the UAE and where it is expected to go over the next 12 months.

The award-winning recruitment firm surveyed over 200 companies from the UAE, compiling and analysing the data over three months. Following the report, Emiratisation seems to be high on the agenda for the vast majority of companies, with 76% stating they are looking to increase their Emirati headcount in 2020.

The Mark Williams study shows that the financial sector is leading the way with the introduction of the new points system following the Central Bank’s 2019 target of 29,736 points for Emiratisation in the sector. However, across the board companies are planning on implementing strategic training and development programmes, as well flexible working arrangements, in order to attract and retain top Emirati talent. “The data we have collected highlights both the optimistic outlook and the challenges of the job market in the UAE, particularly in terms of Emiratisation.” Says Chris Cornwall, Managing Director of Mark Williams. “Over 84% of the companies we surveyed highlighted the fact they will face challenges hiring UAE nationals in 2020, with the main difficulty being meeting salary expectations. As a specialised recruitment agency, we have seen the Emirati workforce showing flexibility in this area for a more favorable work-life balance. This is something that, according to our study and own market knowledge, will continue past 2020.”

Looking further into the challenges made apparent in the market report, a quarter of the companies surveyed stated concerns about finding sufficient UAE nationals with the right digital experience to fill current innovative technology roles. While 70% of UAE businesses believe that data is the new currency and so will be proactively seeking Emiratis with the right data analytics skills to drive revenue and brand loyalty.

“There is a long way to go to get Emiratisation to where it needs to be.” Continues Chris Cornwall. “However, we have seen an increase in retention plans and management training programmes aimed at developing the next generation of Emirati business leaders. We’ve also witnessed an increased appetite for hiring Emirati women into senior level positions, which is an extremely positive step in the right direction.”

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Mark Williams is a Dubai-based recruitment agency focused on fulfilling clients’ needs in Emiratisation and financial services positions within the United Arab Emirates. The initial focus of the company was purely Emiratisation within the financial sector, but due to increased demand over the past few years, the company now also focuses on placing UAE nationals into industry and governmental positions. With in-depth knowledge, experience and understanding of the local talent pool, the team at Mark Williams constantly deliver an unrivalled service to their clients in terms of speed and, most importantly, quality.

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