7 Tips to Find a Job in the UAE

7 Tips to Find a Job in the UAE

1. Create Your Brand

The job market in the UAE is highly competitive and you need to do everything possible to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Optimise your CV to grab the recruiter’s attention: either have your CV written by a professional agency like Mark Williams or read our top tips on how to write your own. Research how to ensure your CV is ATS friendly. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, run a google search to ensure you have a professional digital footprint and check the privacy settings on your personal social media accounts.

2. Get Connected

LinkedIn is a tool used by most UAE recruiters, and a great forum to network on. However, if you aren’t active on there you can easily fall below our radar. Create a strong LinkedIn profile by completing all sections to gain an ‘All Star” ranking. Give yourself a clear headline detailing your current job title and location. Keep your profile photo professional. Follow hashtags such as #uaejobs #dubaijobs #abudhabijobs #emiratisation. Aim to connect with Directors in the companies you aspire to work for and the recruiters of the jobs you are interested in. Be active: comment, post and share – this will ensure your profile is kept at the top of the feeds of your connections.

3. Find A Specialist Recruiter

There are so many recruitment agencies in Dubai, do your research and reach out to a recruiter that specialise in your field. Having the backing of a well-connected and specialist recruiter will ensure your profile is being seen by the right people in your industry. Recruitment agencies receive hundreds of CVs per day, make your application stand out by reading through our CV tips, writing a personalized covering letter and making it clear that you match our client’s criteria!

4. Understand the Market

It is vital to understand the key skills shortage areas in the UAE, so that you can shout about your in-demand skills! Read our market report, note the key buzzwords and phrases - then integrate these words into your CV, covering letter and LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have experience in a certain skills shortage area, then ask your current line manager if you can receive training in that area or shadow someone who does.

5. Make Your Job Applications Wisely

Ensure your job applications are targeted and specific. Whilst recruiters want to see you demonstrating flexibility in the jobs you will consider, applying for jobs that you clearly don’t match the criteria will put your application in a poor light.

6. Network, network, network!

Personal commendations are key to securing a job in the UAE, get out there and talk to people! If you don’t have those connections, then a good recruiter will! As a recruiter I spend all day networking with managers and candidates in my area of expertise. You never know where a conversation will lead you and so it’s vital to be open to meeting and speaking to new people. Ask your recruiter to set up exploratory conversations with your dream list of employers, even if they don’t have a vacancy today that meeting may lead to a future opportunity.

7. Stay Positive

The UAE job market is tough and competitive, but please stay positive! Know that the right job is out there for you, remain open to all opportunities and have realistic expectations. Developing resilience isn’t easy, and you will have to take a few knocks before the right door opens. We wish you all the best!

Need more Advice?

With 10 years dedicated Emiratisation experience, Mark Williams expert consultants can polish your CV to make you stand out in this competitive marketplace. Once you have applied our top tips simply upload your CV to the Mark Williams website and you’ll receive an expert CV review and evaluation – free of charge!

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